Citizen Kane(1941)

Some people posted that they heard about the movies we watch since they all are really famous and remarkable pieces not only in the past but also in modern. However,  I’ve never heard about any movies what we watched. Everything we see and learn is totally new to me. That’s one of the reasons that makes this class more interesting to me.

Anyways, last week’s movie, Citizen Kane(1941), was the foremost movie during that time. One thing I want to talk about the greatness of this movie is that the shadow usage. Orson Welles, the director, used many of very sophisticated techniques, which is a big part of the reason that this movie is really famous. After showing a short clip about Kane’s life they made, those men were talking in the dark, however, their faces were kind of hiding under the shadows and until the end, we barely could recognize their faces. I  was actually waiting for the scene where we could see the faces, so when the scene changed I was “disappointed” and then I was wondering if there is any particular reason that they didn’t show us the faces. (other than this scene, there are more awesome scenes where they used shadow techniques!!)

Wow… there are so many scenes, which I thought they were brilliant, to share. But I’m gonna share just one more thing that I noticed in this film. Camera movement was definitely outstanding in Citizen Kane(So was the camera angle). It is raining outside and the camera moves towards the window that is on the top of the building, and it continues moving to the inside where Susan is drinking. The camera moved without any stopping  and it just glided into the bar.

Even though we learned in lecture before we watching this movie that this one is remarkable in camera angle, lighting, sound, and scale. I unconsciously was ignoring this “old” movie and was expecting the same level as the movie’s we watched in class. However, as I watch this movie, it completely surprised me in every scene. I really enjoyed watching Citizen Kane and it touched me that it made me to decide to do this first blog posting(I’m not saying the previous pieces were bad, I just really liked this one).

Thanks for reading my poor review, I’ll try to do better job in next post, I was in RUSH when I was writing this one haha.

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